At Creative Pools and Landscaping, we build beautiful and functional backyards, walkways, decks, outdoor kitchens, cabanas and whatever lighting and accessories you can think of, we will install it. We create the gorgeous retreat outdoor space you always wanted. Whether it is to spend more quality family time in the backyard, or to host that perfect BBQ or pool party. You can rest assured, the end result will be remarkable.

Landscaping Services

We offer a complete start to finish service. Our landscaping is what wins us Awards year after year. Everything from preparing a detailed, to scale CAD drawing, to picking colors for the patio. We also prepare your gardens with lush vegetation and build breathtaking waterfalls. We will build the backyard of your dreams.

Professional Designers 

  • Have one of our trained and professional designers produce a backyard pool and landscape plan for you property. There are many advantages to have a plan produced for your property. Having a plan allows you to see everything to scale, giving you perspective of how much space you have and where your boundaries are. It can also save you thousand of dollars in re-doing different aspects of your landscape, and allows you to build in stages without having to do things twice. One of our designers will even come to your home and work on the design with you on a laptop to ensure your satisfaction with the whole design. This saves time and money so we don't have to go back and forth for revisions.

Basic Landscaping Drawing


Advanced Landscaping Drawing