Saltwater Pools are Smart, Safe and Soothing.

The water in a saltwater pool is saline, it's actually nothing like swimming in the ocean. The salt concentration in the pool tops out at about 2800 to 4000 parts per million, compared to 50,000 parts per million in ocean water.

Saltwater pools are less salty than tears (you usually can't even taste the salt) but the soft, luxurious feel of the water, not to mention freedom from the burning feeling of too much chlorine, is immediately noticeable. Salt chlorine generators come standard with our pool kits.

  • A Smart Choice
    Recently, saltwater swimming pools have become more popular because of their many advantages. Some of them include lower maintenance and reduced chemical use. Here are some reasons why we provide our customers with salt water chlorination. 

  • Comfort
    One of the first advantages of saltwater swimming pools is the level of comfort you experience. Salt is softer on your skin than chlorine. Also, chlorine has the tendency to cause red eyes, itchy skin, and discolored hair. If you plan to use your saltwater swimming pool on a regular basis, you won't have to suffer any of those symptoms of chlorine.

  • Chemicals
    Another advantage of saltwater swimming pools is the lowered use of chemicals. People who own saltwater pools don't have to store and handle toxic chemicals on a regular basis. This means that a saltwater swimming pool is more environmentally safe. You also won't have to suffer the odor of chlorine anymore.

  • Maintenance
    Lower maintenance is also one of the advantages of saltwater swimming pools. They virtually clean themselves and require much less attention than pools that just use chlorine. The chlorine generator converts salt into chlorine, so you don't have to keep a constant check on the water sanitation. It also stops the growth of algae throughout the year. They don't require you to buy, store, or handle a lot of chemicals. With the added cartridge filters and robotic cleaner we provide, this makes our pools the most maintenance free pools on the market.

  • Medical Conditions
    Pure chlorine pools create organochlorines which mimic human hormones. They can cause reduced fertility, immune system abnormalities, and numerous cancers. Chloramines can also cause or worsen emphysema and asthma. Saltwater swimming pools do not have this problem because chlorine levels never drop low enough for organochlorines to form.

  • Cost

    One of the final advantages of saltwater swimming pools is the cost. Although they are more expensive upfront, they can pay for themselves after a few years. You save more because you don't have to buy as many chemicals or hire professional pool technicians. The cost to maintain a saltwater swimming pool is less than half the cost to maintain a chlorine pool.